Menu Selections

Signature Menu

Choose from a large selection of our signature menu items. Try a few of our meals or order your favorite selections. We’ve got everything your craving!.

  • A mixed variety of ideal optimized nutrition.
  • Portion Controlled & Macro Counted.
  • Prepared perfectly for any individual to enjoy!
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By the Pound

Our “By the Pound Menu” gives people the option to cut down the cooking time! Buying in bulk will give you the freedom in the kitchen to mix & match anything you want and not have to cook tons of different things! All of our menu item can be purchased in a 16oz serving size.

  • Protiein –
    Chicken / Flank Steak / Salmon / ETC…
  • Carbs –
    Jasmine Rice / Quinoa / Sweet Potato Mash ETC…
  • Veggies –
    Asparagus / Broccoli / Green Beans ETC…
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Meal Plans

Many customers relay on meal plans to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. Having meals planned ahead is essential to maintaining this. Select from either signature meal plans or custom meal plans to commit to a healthier you!

  • Signature & Custom Meal Plan Options
  • Meal Plans come in 5 / 10 / 15 / 20
  • Make every week easy with any meal plan!
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Custom Meal & Salads

Our custom meals and salads let you design the perfect meal, prepared with the freshest ingredients, all suited to your taste!

  • Customize salads with lettuce, vegetable, protein, and dressing options
  • Create a meal with what you like, leave out what you don’t.
  • Great meal options while on the go!
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Breakfast, Beverages & Snacks

Sometimes you need that extra bit of energy to get you through the day. Our selection of pancakes, frittatas, drinks, and snacks are a healthy choice to help keep you going.

  • Delicious pancakes and Egg Frittata meals
  • Quick and easy snacks while on the go
  • Healthy snack options to keep the cravings away.
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