Created for Platinum Prep Meals by @ImaSip_Muscato

The Story Behind the Food

Since his youth, Matt has always had a passion for cooking. Whenever his Dad was in the kitchen, you could almost always find Matt right there by his side and he never stopped watching the food network channel.  So it was no surprise when Matt went off and got his degree in Nutrition. Being gym rats, Matt and Steve were constantly working out and meal prepping weekly. Week after week, they found ways to turn their favorite traditional meals into calorie conscious weekly meal plans. But there was one big problem: Steve hated the hassle of prepping, cooking, and calorie counting over and over again. That’s when they decided to branch off from their parent’s donut shop and set out to launch a business that will make food prepping healthier, tastier, and more convenient than ever.


Matt utilized his knowledge for nutrition and underwent his own personal transformation, losing 104 pounds and completely changing his life.